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Digital Direct Jet Printing Machine and DTG Cotton T-shirt Printer

Digital & DTG printing   After years of efforts, from design, and production to consumers, digital printing (e-jet printing, digital printing, ink-jet printing) has been widely accepted as an efficient and environmentally friendly printing method.

First of all, in terms of orders, large orders, such as those over 10000 meters, are also produced by digital printing, and more are at the kilometer level. As far as the current scale of digital printing factories is concerned, it is particularly suitable. The delivery time is short, and the processing fee is acceptable.

From the perspective of designers, designers can give full play to their imagination and design inspiration and are no longer limited by the traditional printing process.

For consumers, this is an era when T-shirt printers show their individuality. No one likes to collide with people every day, and everyone also likes that their home textiles are too ordinary. We hope they can be warmer and more exquisite.

Also, from the perspective of garment factories and fabric factories, we don’t want to squeeze a lot of inventory brought by traditional printing.

Energy conservation and emission reduction is no longer a slogan, but an urgent need of life itself.

Therefore, the development of digital printing is booming, and in this change, it has indeed achieved subversive innovation.

How to choose a T-shirt printing machine?

Different T-shirt direct injection machine models have different efficiency and price, so different T-shirt printing machines target different user groups. How to choose T-shirt printing machines is mainly to meet their own needs

  1. Requirements

Only after understanding the demand can we clearly know what kind of T-shirt printing machine is suitable for me. First, the budget determines the model and configuration. Although the prices of T-shirt printing machines with the same configuration in the market are different from different manufacturers, most of them have little difference. Second, we need to find out what I want to print, such as whether to print garment pieces or leather fabrics. Cotton or polyester? Buy a flat direct jet machine for garment cutting. Leather cloth is suitable for belt guide machines, cotton fabric is suitable for direct jet machines, and polyester fabric is suitable for heat transfer printing. Then, how much do I print a day? Choose small ones for small quantities and large T-shirt printing machines for large quantities.

  1. Efficiency allocation

The efficiency of the digital T-shirt printing machine is in direct proportion to the configuration. The higher the configuration means the higher the efficiency. Different configurations determine how many goods can be made in a day. Everyone wants to buy a super-efficient T-shirt printing machine at a small cost, but the higher the configuration of the machine is not, the better. Except for the mainstream configuration, the higher the configuration means the more unstable, and too low the configuration can not produce output, so it is appropriate to choose the mainstream configuration of the T-shirt printing machine, The risk of being a white mouse is relatively high.

  1. Effect

The effect of thermal transfer printing polyester by clothing digital printing machine is good, and the effect of cotton printing by direct jet T-shirt printing machine is good, but even if the machines of different manufacturers have the same configuration, the printing effect is not the same, and there are some differences. The color is not brighter the better, and the one with high proximity to the original image is a good effect.

Compared with traditional printing. DTG printing also has the following obvious advantages:
 Simple operation and cost reduction

The technology eliminates the steps of plate making, coloring, washing, and so on. At the same time, DTG printing also reduces labor costs. It only needs a computer and operators to complete all printing.

Increase speed and output

The cotton direct jet printing machine uses automatic equipment instead of manual work and DTG mainly does not cause printing problems due to manual operation. The speed is increased: up to 188 pieces/hour. It is dozens of times more efficient than traditional printing. Therefore, the output has also increased a lot.

Beautiful color

With only pictures and a DTG printing machine, printing can be easily completed without the problem of colors. For sensitive color and transition color, it can also be printed perfectly.


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