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Detailed Explanation of Tips for Using UV Flatbed Printer

  1. When moving the UV printer, pay attention not to holding the printing platform, but to lifting the bottom of the machine. You can buckle the shell with both hands to move the UV flatbed printer.
  2.  Seeing the tablet printer for the first time, many customers said that the USB interface cable was not easy to plug in. In fact, it was easy to connect as long as the tablet was powered on and lowered a little.
  3. Add ink to the tablet printer. Generally speaking, there are no more than two ink supply methods for flat-panel printers, one is an independent ink cartridge, the other is a continuous ink supply system, but these two ink supply systems have a complete set of similar working components, ink cartridge, nozzle, cleaning unit, ink guide pipe and waste ink bottle. When adding ink or when the ink pipe is blocked, you can use an ordinary medical syringe to pump air at the bottom of the ink cartridge until ink enters the syringe, or you can pump ink from the ink guide pipe on the mouth of the waste ink bottle.
  4. Adjustment of the height of the tablet printer. Generally, the UV flatbed printer popular in the market mainly uses infrared rays to detect the height of the object. Before the printing order is issued, the object must be placed well. If there is concave-convex on the surface of the printed object, you must pay attention to adjusting the height of the nozzle and the printing product after printing, so as to avoid damaging the nozzle.
  5. Generally, current manufacturers do not pay attention to the elimination of static electricity. In fact, static electricity sometimes causes great damage. You can connect an external wire to the metal case, and the external wire can be grounded.
  6. How to spray coating on a product? Many people report that their coating is not good. The function of the coating is to absorb ink and image. Therefore, when spraying the coating, a  UV flatbed printer is only necessary to spray a layer or screen print once on the printing surface of the object. A good coating does not need too thick adhesion, and it is also very good. Some manufacturers say that it is good to spray the coating with thicker adhesion, which is unscientific, At the same time, it also increases the cost.
  7. The printed picture has stripes. If the printed product has stripes, there are generally two possibilities: on the one hand, two things storing data are dirty, on the other hand, the nozzle may be hit or the spray hole may be blocked.
  8. If the nozzle drips ink, most of the printed products will be inferior. In this case, there are also two possibilities: one is that the rubber ring is not sealed well, and the other is that ink droplets gather at the bottom of the nozzle after the nozzle is hit. The first one, it is OK to change a rubber sealing ring. In the second case, you need to use a cotton ball to wipe the bottom of the nozzle.

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