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Daily Maintenance of UV Printer

 Maintenance of UV printer:

  1. Ensure that the environment around the UV printer is clean. Too much dust in the working environment can easily lead to poor lubrication of the trolley guide shaft, which will block the movement of the print head during the printing process, causing inaccurate printing position or hitting the mechanical frame, causing damage and crash. When the print head is restarted without returning to the original position, the printer will first return the print head to the original position, and then clean the nozzle, which will cause unnecessary waste of ink. The way to solve this problem is to often wipe the dust off the guide shaft and lubricate the guide shaft (choose lubricating oil with good fluidity, such as sewing oil).
  2. It is necessary to ensure that the UV flat-panel printer has a stable working platform and not to place any objects on top of the UV flat-panel printer. The front cover of the printer must be closed when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects from hindering the movement of the printer trolley. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the printer cable with power, which will damage the print port of the printer and the parallel port of the PC, or even the motherboard of the PC. If the print output is not very clear, you can use the automatic cleaning function of the printer to clean the nozzle, but you need to consume a small amount of ink. If you are still not satisfied with printing after continuous cleaning several times, you may have run out of ink and need to replace the ink cartridge.
  3. Before turning off the machine, let the print head return to the initial position (when the printer is in the pause state, the print head will automatically return to the initial position). This is done first to avoid waste of ink when the printer is restarted to clean the nozzle when it is next turned on. Second, because the nozzle can be sealed by the protective cover at the initial position, the nozzle is not easy to be blocked.
  4. The UV ink cartridge needs regular correction: users with printer experience know that the printer needs to be corrected after reinstalling the ink cartridge or replacing it with a new ink cartridge, so as to improve the printing accuracy and quality.
  5. When the ink cartridge is not used up, it is best not to remove it, so as to avoid ink waste or ink metering error of the printer.
  6. When the ink cartridge is not used for a long time, it should be placed at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight. Because the ink evaporates quickly in this environment, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage. In addition, in a low temperature and humid environment, the print head circuit and ink are prone to problems.
  7. When changing the ink cartridge, be sure to follow the steps in the operation manual, and pay special attention to the above operations when the power is turned on. Because after replacing the ink cartridge, the printer will fill the ink delivery system with ink, and this process will not be carried out when it is turned off, and the printer cannot detect the reinstalled ink cartridge.

Some printers use the electronic counter inside the printer to measure the ink capacity (especially in the statistics of color ink usage). When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer judges that the ink is exhausted. In the process of cartridge replacement, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm that a new cartridge is installed.

8. In addition, the grating strip of the UV flat-panel printer should also be protected. Don’t touch it with your hands and don’t let it be contaminated with dust, so as to prevent inaccurate positioning.

Nozzle cleaning

Preparation: the rear bin where the nozzle of the print head of the universal printer is located also includes the nozzle drive circuit board, so it is necessary to protect the drive circuit board and wrap the rear half of the bin with the usual fresh-keeping film.

Step 1: soaking

Prepare a small flat plate, place the nozzle flat on the plate, and then inject the special cleaning fluid for the universal printer into the plate, and the depth is subject to just immersing the nozzle. Be careful not to splash water on the cable plug and drive circuit board. The first soaking time is about one hour.

Step 2: cleaning
  1. Use a damp cloth to gently absorb water stains from the UV nozzle, and do not wipe the injector at the bottom of the nozzle.
  2. Repeat the process for all nozzles to be cleaned. Each nozzle should use a clean area of the cloth.
  3. If the nozzle is blocked, heat the distilled water slightly and put a small amount on the plate. When putting the nozzle on the plate, the water surface should not be 2cm higher than the bottom because the water may leak behind the chip.
  4. Keep the nozzle upright in warm water. Wait for 30 seconds, and then test after sucking the nozzle dry.
  5. Each nozzle should be cleaned with clean water. (ultrasonic cleaner can also be used to clean the nozzle)

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