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Correct Operation Can Effectively Prolong the Life of UV Printer

Whether it is an ordinary printer or a UV printer, it is slightly “delicate” in front of those who do not understand the machine’s performance and specific operation skills. During the operation of the machine, a little attention may lead to more or fewer failures, which also adds a lot of trouble to the process. However, if you pay more attention to some details during normal use, you can effectively avoid many failures, make the UV printer more convenient, and effectively improve the printing speed and effect.

1. Place the UV printer on a level ground

Due to the unique working model of the printer, the site where the UV printer is placed must be flat ground. The inclined and uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slow down the working speed of the nozzle, and thus affect the overall printing speed. If not handled properly, the internal structure of the machine will be damaged.

Place the UV printer on the flat and smooth ground as far as possible, and keep the surroundings clean to prevent dust or foreign matters from lifting into the machine.

2. Clean the UV printer in the right way

The exterior and interior of the printer should be cleaned regularly. Don’t wait until a thick layer of dust is accumulated and something goes wrong. The exterior of the printer can be scrubbed with a wet soft cloth. The cleaning liquid must be a neutral substance such as water. Never use a detergent containing alcohol.

The interior mainly refers to the nozzle, ink path system, etc. the cleaning of these parts requires special cleaning agents and methods. For the dust on the surface, try to use dry rags. When cleaning the nozzle and other important parts, be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, or ask the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel to clean them.

3. Avoid heavy pressure

Like other household appliances and equipment, UV printers should avoid heavy pressure. Some customers will place other objects on the platform of the UV printer, which is very likely to crush the UV printer shell, platform, etc., and some small things will fall into the printer. Beverages and tea cups are forbidden, and liquids are strictly forbidden, so as to prevent irreparable losses caused by liquids entering the machine.

 4. Please turn off the machine before unplugging

Before the printer is no longer used or needs to be moved, the power supply should be completely cut off. First, turn off the UV printer power, reset the nozzle and cover the ink box, and then unplug the power line and signal line. This can effectively prevent the ink from volatilizing, and it is not easy to damage the nozzle when moving.

Before unplugging the power supply, remember to turn off the machine first, which can effectively reduce the possibility of machine damage.

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