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Best DTG Printer for Small Business

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What is the difference between a DTG T-shirt printer and a DTF cloth printer? Should we buy DTG printers that are suitable for small businesses? Or a DTF printer? Today’s article will answer you

1. Different printing materials

DTG printers can only print cotton fabrics, which contain at least 50% cotton, mainly for printing T-shirts and sweaters. If other cotton-free clothing fabrics, after printing, the color may fade after washing.

But DTF printers can print on all textile fabrics, all clothes can be printed, such as T-shirts, jerseys, jeans, sweaters, hats, shoes, including leather, etc.

You can also print the pattern to any position of the clothes, such as cuffs, necklines, etc.

This is one of the advantages of DTF printers, no matter what clothing fabrics, no matter where on the clothes, you can print personalized patterns.

2. Different printing speed

DTF cloth printers print much faster than DTG printers!

DTG prints a white full frame T-shirt in 2-4 minutes and a black full frame T-shirt in 8-10 minutes.

If you print 10 hours a day, you can print about 150 white T-shirts and 60 black T-shirts!

But the DTF clothing printer prints about 3 square meters in one hour, and prints 10 hours a day, so it prints about 30 square meters a day.

Depending on the size of the pattern you print, there are about 10 A3-sized patterns on one square meter. Then 30 square meters is 300 A3 size patterns.

Therefore, the DTF printer can print 300 T-shirts of various colors with A3 size pictures in one day. Is it much faster than DTG printers?

3: The printing effect is different

DTF printer first prints the pattern on the film, and then transfers the pattern on the film to the clothes. The picture on the clothes has a very thin film. If the pattern is large, it is relatively less breathable and less comfortable.

But if the print is only a relatively small pattern or trademark,

Transferred to clothes, it hardly affects the comfort of wearing.

However, when DTG is printed on cotton clothes, the ink penetrates into the fibers of the clothes, so after printing, it is still breathable and comfortable to wear. This is an advantage of DTG printers compared to DTF printers.

4: Which one do you choose to buy?

So, how exactly did you choose between these two machines?

If you mainly print cotton T-shirts, it is recommended to buy the best DTG printer for small businesses;

If you mainly print some small logos and small patterns, it is recommended to buy a DTF printer.

If all other clothing fabrics are to be printed, only DTF printers can be selected.

Well, if you have any other questions, please contact us immediately. We also provide free best DTG printer for small business sample printing service, send your picture, print it out for you to see the effect, and then you can make a decision.

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