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Best DTF Printer—Helps You Make Money

DTF Printer

Can DTF printer be suitable for the street? What’s the stalled economy? “Stall economy” has recently become a buzzword on China’s Internet. From the 1980s to the 1990s, China’s “stall economy” played a great role in solving unemployment and set off a wave of entrepreneurship. The golden idiom passed down from that time: “working for others is not as good as working for yourself” has also become the golden laws of many people who don’t know which industry to choose. There is no lack of courage among them, but in the face of the complex and changeable market, at the beginning of entrepreneurship, some friends were at a loss in the choice of which industry to enter. Today, Sublistar will analyze for many confused entrepreneurs about how to choose a suitable industry for yourself. The advent of personalized printing era makes the digital printing industry more prominent.

DTF Printing Machine

As we all know, in the previous printing scheme, the pattern should be traced in advance on the computer before printing, and the engraving and hollowing out should be carried out before pressing. After one process, it will cost a lot of time if the amount of goods is large. Now, the new DTF Printing machine process completely avoids these two processes. There is no need to
trace, carve, hollowing out. The operation is simple and does not occupy an area. The printed patterns are colorful, and the finished products feel soft and comfortable. The printing of clothing T-shirts can be as simple as paper printing, which is a sharp tool for entrepreneurship.

The advantages of the best DTF printer are simple operation, easy to use and fast cost recovery, which is very beneficial to novice entrepreneurs. In the early stage, you can choose A3 size DTF transfer machines, which will not occupy a large place, and there will be no great pressure on the site rental cost. With the further development of entrepreneurship progress,
you can appropriately add some equipment to increase working efficiency, such as full-automatic powder shaker, so as to complete mass production. There is no pressure to meet need of a large number of orders. In this way, we can not only realize the plan of step by step and from small to large, but also can also control the throughput according to your own
development. By the way, the scheme is flexible, which can meet the long-term development goal of entrepreneurs.

Currently, under the increasingly strict production waste discharge standards, DTF printers can effectively solve the problems of waste discharge in factories. The production speed of machine printing is fast, and the colorful inks and white ink can be printed at the same time. The automatic powder spreading + drying system is applied to full-automatic
production, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

DTF Printing Machine

What do you need to prepare for DTF Printing?

1. Computer

In the whole printing process, the computer has two functions. One is to install the software that supports the garment printing machine. The DTF printing machine is driven by special software. Second, we need to deal with the pictures used in the printing. In terms of configuration, according to the experience of our engineers, it is recommended to choose the I5

processor with 8G memory, so that the data transmission is more smooth.

2. Consumables

Consumables include ink, PET films, hot-melt powder, nozzle moisturizing liquid, nozzle cleaning liquid, etc. they are specific and detailed. Generally, when purchasing our digital DTF printing machine, there are forms for customers to collect. Our company also would like to give the clients a set of consumables for free.

3. A DTF Printing Machine to Print

This new white ink direct injection transfer process, Sublistar has brought you two sets of mature schemes. One is a cost-effective schemes prepared by friends with small quantities, such as personalized customization, clothing e-commerce and clothing printing; Second, for the full-automatic powder shaking scheme for large-scale production required by printing factories or garment factories, you can go to our official website. In view of the increasing number of transfer machines suppliers on the market, and the mixture of good and bad quality machines, please choose the source manufacturer with good service reputation.

4. Automatic powder shaker or oven

Generally speaking, when the cost-effective scheme is adopted, the machine prints the patterns on the PET film, and we can cut each one separately, apply the hot-melt powder manually, and then press it in the next step after the high temperature of the oven. The full-automatic scheme is that while the printer is printing patterns, the automatic powder shaker directly reels
the film for standby after automatic powder shaking and high-temperature powder melting. A series of actions are free from manual operation.

5. Heat Press Machine

After the hot melt powder is spreaded in the previous step, the cut PET film can be directly placed on clothing for high- temperature pressing and ironing. After it cools down, slowly peel off the film on it. The whole process is so simple.


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