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Application Case of UV Printer in Building Decoration Industry

  1. Integrated ceiling aluminum gusset plate

Aluminum gusset plate is a ceiling material developed in recent years. It can not only prevent fire and moisture but also prevent corrosion, static electricity, sound absorption, and sound insulation. Therefore, it is loved by many families and is given priority in kitchen and bathroom ceilings. In the past, the production of aluminum gusset plates with different patterns required many complex processes, such as roller coating, powder spraying, film coating, sanding, etc., with low production efficiency and high cost. However, if adopting a high-speed flat-panel UV printer, it can realize one-time printing. Whether it is frosted, 3D, glazed, or mirror, it can realize one-time white color printing without repeated overprint printing, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production time and cost.

  1. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are basically necessary for the decoration industry. The demand for fancy games such as sticking to the ground, walls, and TV background walls is also enduring. Before, most of the ceramic tiles on the market were printed by flat-screen printing or roller printing, using pigments and chemicals to make glazes, and then printing patterns. The process is complex, and sometimes there are color differences in the same batch due to silver technology or temperature. However, UV printing has rewritten its history. It only needs one print to produce the finished product without repeated overprinting and coloring. The production efficiency is greatly improved. Moreover, UV printers can also take advantage of the advantages of white color double negative pressure and white color co-output to print tiles with novel patterns and colors, 3D three-dimensional tiles, etc. There are more styles and better-looking tiles to meet the needs of more people.

  1. Wooden door, sliding door, and cabinet door

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing personalized customization. UV printers can quickly print all kinds of wooden doors, sliding doors, cabinet doors, and so on. Just process the pictures in the computer, adjust the size of the picture pattern to the same size as the material, then clean the surface of the material, put the door on the printer platform, align the position, import the pictures into the printing software, and start printing. The finished product is ready after printing. The production process is very simple. It only needs one employee to complete the operation, and the production time only takes a few minutes, which greatly reduces the production cost.

  1. Glassdoor

Different from the previous pure color glass doors, people now have higher requirements for aesthetics. Therefore, all kinds of glass doors with exquisite patterns are becoming more and more popular in the market. Especially in the current decoration, some glass doors will be used as partitions for lighting, which is beautiful and conducive to letting outdoor light in. At present, at least 70% of families choose to use glass doors with patterns for kitchen doors, wardrobe doors, balcony sliding doors, and bathroom doors. Therefore, the market is still large. Using a UV printer to print glass doors is not only fast and convenient but also can print many patterns, planes, three-dimensional, gradient, and 3D, with beautiful colors and low printing cost.

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