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Analysis on the Market Situation of Small UV Printer Printing Mobile Phone Case

As far as the current printing industry is concerned, there is a relatively professional industry differentiation for the equipment of UV flat-panel printers of mobile phone shells. For example, in the leather industry, the traditional printing process generally has single screen printing color and simple and uniform transition color; Large equipment that can color print CA boards is expensive and requires high materials; Heat transfer will damage the material; The traditional printing method in the crystal industry is crystal film technology; Glass industry is screen printing, while metal industry adopts pad printing or heat transfer printing. The device of the mobile phone case printer is suitable for printing multiple materials.

Traditional printing method

For example, silk screen printing can hardly achieve the transition of all colors according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have clear color boundaries. Between the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. In particular, many products need to print high-precision and complex patterns such as trademarks and logos, which are more widely used in gift and handicraft industries. It fully reflects the strong market potential, eliminates the bottlenecks brought by screen printing, heat transfer printing, and other printing methods, and finds new profit growth points for customers.

Making a mobile phone case with a UV printer

UV printers can change the content of printing at any time, change the printing effect, and carry out one-to-one digital printing without the tedious plate making. There are product codes on the metal nameplate behind many products, and each group of codes corresponds to each product; For example, the job number badge and work permit of factory employees can also be printed according to one-to-one numbers, and avatar photos can also be added. UV flat-panel printer is simple and low-cost.

The printing steps are simple. The equipment of the mobile phone shell printer does not need the steps of plate making, plate printing, and repeated chromatic registration, and does not need various types of tools and materials required by screen printing and heat transfer. With a UV printer, you only need to prepare another ordinary computer. A machine operator can complete the printing operation, save manpower and material resources, and the method is simple, which is desirable immediately. The experience requirements of the machine operator are low, as long as you know the simple image processing software.

The device of UV flat-panel printer can work on mobile phone shell at an accurate position, avoiding such problem that is usually encountered in manual printing. The device that prints the CA board no longer uses the traditional printing mode. There is no manual operation and craft printing. The machine is connected to a computer. It can accurately align the area and position to be printed and avoids the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing.

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