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Advantages of DTG Printing

DTG printing works by jet-printing thousands of tiny droplets of water-based pigment ink onto fabric. For dark garments, a pretreatment liquid is necessary to create an under the base. White inks do not need a pretreatment liquid, though a conveyor dryer or heat press is necessary to finish the print. DTG printers use water-based textile inks, which are best for natural fibers. DTG printers can produce amazing results, but you should know that the first step is creating an artwork file for printing.

If you want to take full advantage of DTG printing, you should always order your print job in small batches. Small batches will enable you to turn around a job quickly without sacrificing quality. DTG printing is the best option for small and medium-sized businesses because it allows you to turn your hand to almost anything and still maintain your core values. If you’re looking for a new and improved way to personalize your products, DTG printing is definitely worth considering.

Because DTG printing uses inkjet technology, it’s simple and affordable to use. It also avoids waste by printing one-offs instead of mass production. Cotton is the most suitable fabric for DTG Printing because cotton threads absorb ink from the jet. Make sure to choose a color that contrasts with the color of your garment to ensure that the print is vibrant and stands out. If you’re worried about the environment, DTG Printing is the way to go.

The setup for DTG printing is expensive. The main DTG Printing machine, a custom heat-press, and ink cartridges cost about $500,000, and a higher-end machine will cost you more. You will also have to invest in the garments to sell the finished products. Third-party DTG printer makers are another great option for small businesses. In the long run, these companies will fulfill your orders. If you’re thinking of starting a DTG printing business, it’s best to invest in some quality garments and equipment before you start selling to the public.

Another reason to choose DTG printing is the ease of color selection and print quality. Unlike screen-printed t-shirts, DTG printers are able to print multiple colors simultaneously. With this, you can use more detailed images and a wider range of colors. Additionally, DTG printing is better for photograph-printing than screen-printed t-shirts. It also helps to minimize waste because DTG printers do not require screen-making.

Direct-to-Garment printing is the fastest way to produce custom items since it uses specially formulated inks that bond to the fabric fibers. The results are garments with crisper prints, and they don’t crack. Kornit is a leader in DTG printing solutions. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new technology, be sure to check out the Kornit website! You’ll be glad you did.

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) has changed the apparel industry. It has brought graphics to the digital age. Now, designers can create digital artwork and print it directly on clothing. DTG printing also allows for better photorealism and color mixing. It is easy to connect with a third-party DTG provider and have your new design printed in no time. You can even use this technology for your own online store. It is now available in virtually every category, making it easy for you to create stunning apparel for your customers.


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