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Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Printer Capable of Printing Cylinders

Today, I’d like to briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of a UV printer that can print on cylinders.

How  does UV printer print cylindrical objects
  1. This kind of printer can be applied to products with curved surface materials: thermos cups, round stereos, round wine bottles, round craft gifts, etc.
  2. This kind of UV printer no longer uses the traditional printing mode and method. It is connected to the computer and combined with automatic control technology, which can accurately align the area and position to be printed, avoiding the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing. Because it is a one-time multi-color printing, there will be no problem with chromatic alignment. These advantages can also be effectively combined with engraving, etching, and other processes, such as printing beautiful pictures in the engraving area, or etching after printing. It can be seen that this product has made new breakthroughs in carving, etching, and other industries and can play a good role.
  3. The materials suitable for this type of printer are porcelain plate, glass, acrylic, PVC, ABS, organic board, metal, wood, plastic, silicone, etc.
  1. Excellent performance: This UV printer is equipped with nozzles of mainstream brands in the market such as Epson, Ricoh, Kyocera, etc., which has good stability, low failure rate, and extremely low maintenance cost.
  2. Good printing effect: with the latest Ricoh color printing nozzle, the color is richer, the photo effect is perfectly restored, and the pattern is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It easily passes many strict tests such as alcohol and Baige.
  3. Good quality: the equipment adopts imported parts and components, which have been heavily checked by quality inspectors. The equipment has been debugged many times before leaving the factory, and the products that are confirmed to be OK will be delivered to the users.
  4. High production efficiency: the improved UV printer can print multiple rows at the same time. The length of 2.5 meters can place more than 30 cylinders at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
  5. Minimal noise: the cylinder printer solves the problem of excessive noise from traditional equipment, greatly reduces the sound caused by the movement of the nozzle, and keeps the working process in a relatively quiet environment.
  6. Green and environmental protection: this kind of printer inherits the good characteristics of a UV printer. As a relatively environmentally friendly ink, its popularity and use meet the national environmental protection standards and have high safety.
  1. The cost of UV ink is higher than that of ordinary water-based ink, almost twice the price.
  2. UV printers that can print cylinders are much more expensive than traditional silk screen printers, inkjet printers, and photo machines.

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