We offer direct to film printing solutions, direct to garment printer, UV printer, and printing supplies.

Quality Assurance

We always focus on every detail in the production process. From accessories, workmanship, assembly to inspection and qualified inbound management, we ensure that we produce high-quality machines.

After-sales guarantee

We have a team of highly qualified engineers and competent salespeople who support us all over the world. In addition, we have sales and service offices in North America, Europe, Middle East and more.

365 days warranty

We offer a dedicated team of professionals to share video/screenshare to ensure you get set up and print right away. and resolve any unforeseen issues under our 365-day limited warranty policy.

What you can benefit?

What you can benefit with our digital printing machine

efficient color production

Experience lightning-fast speed, intuitive operation and powerful in-line finishing with an efficient color production printer.

Quick and easy operation

Quick and easy operation, basic functions are displayed in clearly marked large tiles and keys. And for more advanced features, just touch “Details”

endless applications

As new technologies continue to emerge, it is clear that the applications for digital printing will be endless. From life to the production industry, from soft materials to hard substrates.

What you can print?

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